Apostle Althinia Hunt, D.Min. Joshua Generation Church, Founder

Apostle Althinia Hunt is the founder and overseer of Joshua Generation Church.  She has pastored Joshua Generation Church in Virginia since 2006.

Apostle Althinia Hunt was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.  Her deceased parents, Mr. Lee O. Hunt and Mrs. Bessie Hunt, raised her and five brothers and three sisters in the fear of the Lord.  It was nothing for her to hear prayers and hymns by her parents during the night.  Her parents were the parents for the community providing food and shelter to those in need.  Apostle Hunt’s notable saying is “There is no other reason for living than to build the Kingdom of God.”  This is a saying; she has said since she was a teenager.

The Lord healed people when Apostle Althinia Hunt prayed at a young age and used her prophetically.  Mt. Hebron Baptist Church is where Apostle Hunt worshipped from childhood up to the age of 18.  From the age of 19 she worshipped at Dorcas Freewill Baptist Church for 16 years.  During her membership at Dorcas Freewill Baptist Church she saw faith in action and experienced it for herself.  During a service a woman died during the service and was brought back to life.  Miracles, signs and wonders occurred often.  Apostle Hunt received her license and ordination under the leadership of Rev. Evelyn Johnson at Dorcas Freewill Baptist Church, in Baltimore, Maryland, January 28, 1990.  Currently miracle, signs and wonders are continuously occurring at Joshua Generation Church in Virginia.  Miracle money occurs in her ministry and numerous healings.  Apostle Hunt is used by God with the gift of prophecy and teaching.  Teaching is a key factor in Joshua Generation Church.

In 1990 she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education.  She continued her education and received her Master of Divinity 1993.  In 1999 Apostle Hunt furthered her education and received her first Doctorate Degree in Pastoral Counseling and a second Doctorate of Ministry in the year of 2000.

God called Apostle Hunt in 1990 to evangelize the home mission field in Murphy Homes Public Housing (called Murder Homes) and Lexington Terrace Public Housing.  She also evangelized the surrounding community of the public housing area.  The position of Chaplain was offered her and she joyously became the Chaplain of Murphy Homes Public Housing, the first Chaplain position ever held in a public housing community.  As chaplain, she was responsible for 2,500 people in Murphy Homes Public Housing.

In 1991, Special Spirit Ministries, was incorporated to address the spiritual needs of the residents in public housing and surrounding communities.  While evangelizing the public housing area and other communities, many souls were saved, miracles and deliverances happened during the outreach services.

June 19, 1992, Joshua Generation Church was incorporated by Apostle Althinia Hunt to meet the needs of the total man.  The church addressed the spiritual, physical, economical, and emotional needs of those rejected by mainstream churches.

Back To Basics, Inc. was formed to address the non-spiritual needs of the public housing residents and the surrounding community.  Back To Basics, Inc. was the first Welfare to Work training program in Baltimore City.  The training program was the deciding factor of HUD for Baltimore to receive Hope VI funding.  The training program gave residents opportunities for career development and employment in the health care field.  She developed a program to offer hope to the residents of these communities who were struggling with poverty, substance abuse, AIDS and crime. Back To Basics, Inc. was a cooperative work between government, grassroots activists, churches, and corporations to produce an economic development program.  Back To Basics, Inc. trained public housing residents for medical transcription and basic medical office training within the course of a year.  The class included 18 participants and all graduated with honors.