2020 Testimonies

FOR THE YEAR 2020:  Joshua Generation Church continues to thank God for His miracles, signs and wonders:

I was told i needed surgery on my throat and you could feel the nodules and my thyroid was large. I had a small goiter. My calcium levels were high. During morning prayer a word of knowledge came about a healing of the thyroid. I felt cold air on my throat and I felt my throat and the goiter and nodules were gone and my next calcium levels were lower than previous. Praise God for His healing power and His Vessel Apostle Hunt.

At the beginning of the year around February Kay began having diarrhea and violent cough. Took her to see NP for her PCP. Diagnosed with Pneumonia, collapsed lung and bronchitis. She had not informed us of how bad she was feeling. She could barely breathe. Within a week she was without symptoms. The antibiotics and other meds could not do that. But GOD.

My heating system failed this year and I did have to pay nothing for the heating system.  It was given to me free.

I was told I would die the year of 2017, I am still alive.

In April Deacon needed something to get out of the house. His weekly program was closed due to Covid. The option was skill builders. I learned from a lady who was a Case Manager for over 17 years it was nill too impossible to get someone enrolled with this service. He filled out the paperwork and within one week he was interviewing his workers. With God all things are possible.

The weather turned cold in October and the heating system came on and then went off.  Heating system is under warranty and they sent out a company to fix it.  After evaluation of the system it needed a heating pump and electrical repair for the unit inside.  I was told the cost was $4,500 for the heat pump.  I cried out Lord Jesus have mercy.  The repair man said he could reduce the price to $3, 815 but I had to pay that reduced price that day.  I did.  He said the unit in the house needed some electrical.  He never asked for additional money but stated he would be back tomorrow to replace the heat pump, costing $3,815.   The man never asked for additional money for electrical repair for the heating unit inside.  The repair man came, replaced the heat pump, removed the entire heating unit inside and gave me a new unit, gave me a thermostat that I could program in me phone to change temperature anywhere, ALL FOR THE SAME PRICE $3, 815.  WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE.  I priced the heating system and it cost $20,000.  I have a 10 year warranty for parts.  One year warranty for labor.  PRAISE GOD

2019 Testimonies

FOR THE YEAR 2019:  Joshua Generation Church continues to thank God for His miracles, signs and wonders:

September 7, 2019 a woman came to church with a cane, both her knees were hurting very bad. The prayer of faith was prayed and she was healed. She stood without support of the cane praising God as she walked back in forth in front of the church. Give God all the glory!!!

May 12, 2019 Testimony 3 businesses started by a member.

May 12, 2019 Testimony member received a $10,000 payment from a business contract.

May12, 2019 Testimony of a 15 pound weight loss within a month.

May 12, 2019 Testimony of a 7 pound weight loss within a week.

April 21, 2919 during prophetic Word being given a member lost 10 pounds, confirmed the next day at the doctors office.  The member left church with clothes bagging.

April 21, 2019 another member clothes started getting baggy as she sat.  She lost inches and not pounds.  Praise God.

April 21, 2019 another member couldn’t lift her left leg but during the service she was able to lift her left leg.  God is awesome.

April 14, 2019 During Praise Report a member reported their bank account had overdrawn wrongfully.  It was investigated and the $4,000 overdrawn was replaced and additional $3,000 was added.  It is miracle money. Member had not put $3,000 in the bank.  Praise God.

April 7, 2019 Lady had ringing in both her ears.  God healed her after she received a prophetic Word from God.  She  acknowledged the prophetic Word and said the ringing in her ears had stopped.

April 7, 2019 Lady could not lift her left leg.  A prophetic Word was spoken and she lifted her lift leg and praised God.

  1. Miracle money in appearing in bank accounts and other places for us.
  2. Utility bills that would normally be $200 plus supernaturally were in the $20 range and for some with credits on the account of $50.
  3. God supernaturally in dreams showing members how to do tasks on their jobs they would not normally know how to do.
  4. Supernatural healings.

March 31, 2019 Lady could not hear in her right ear. After the preached Word.  God healed her hearing problem.  She could hear clearly in her right ear.


2018 Testimonies

FOR THE YEAR 2018 Joshua Generation Church thank God for His continual  miracles, signs and wonders occurring within the church such as:

  1. supernatural weight loss (a member loss 13 pound during service).
  2. supernatural debt cancellation (bills paid by God).
  3. supernatural healing of eye conditions, bone conditions, brain aneurysm healed, uneven legs and arms became even
    during service, etc.
  4. supernatural money created by God.
  5. supernatural businesses started.

2017 Testimonies

February 12, 2017  When I turned a curb where there is a deep ditch, my passenger side tires went into the ditch.  
All of a sudden the tires lifted into the air and back onto the road.  A member behind me saw it.  
Psam 91 became very real to me that day.  Praise be the our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

January 22, 2017  My doctor informed me I had bladder cancer.  Apostle Hunt, Apostle Cohen and the church prayed for me. After several procedures and minor surgery, no cancer was found at the last surgery.  I AM CANCER FREE.  Praise God.

January 15, 2017  I was informed I had prostate cancer.  Apostles Hunt and Cohen prayed for me.  

When I returned to the doctor for additional medical information and treatment, Doctor COULD NOT FIND ANY CANCER.  

Nobody but God could do that.

2016 Testimonies

October 26, 2016:  I am eating to live and not to eat to loose weight. I was in service praising God when all of a sudden my body became smaller and my close a lot looser,  My doctor monitors my weight and I waited to see him the next day.  
I weighed two sizes smaller (LOST 13 POUNDS) the next day at the doctors office.  During service God supernaturally reduced my size two sizes smaller confirmed by my doctor. Don’t tell me God isn’t good. 

April 10, 2016:  I received two unexpected checks in the mail.  For three (3) months I paid $0.00 for my utility bill (water). 
After running the central heat and air conditioning for the month of March my Dominion bill was $14.82. After not paying a utility bill (water) for the past three (3) months I received a bill for $4.16 in April.

March 27, 2016:  I lost $50.  I and my sister look everywhere for it.  She saw my look in my clothing also.  God told me to look in a specific pocket I had already searched.  I did it and the $50 was there. God brought it back to me.  Just believe and you shall receive.  Thank you God.

March 27, 2016:  I was not able to move my arm back and forward. God is a healer.  I can move my arm up and down and behind my body.  Thank you Jesus.

March 20, 2016:  I was visiting the church today in much pain.  The Apostles in the house called me out and one told me I was in pain.  The other grew my arms and legs and the pain in my ankle left.  Praise God.

March 13, 2016:  I couldn’t use my right arm, could not reach behind myself.  Truly God is a healer. During worship service God healed me.

March 13, 2016:  Doctors are limited in what they can do.  I had the diagnosis of cancer.  My last doctors visit I was told I am cancer free.  Thank God for the prayers of the saints.  I was told I wouldn’t be able to walk for a long time.  I stood and walked in the service today in a few weeks.  Mighty Mighty Powerful God is He.

March 6, 2016:  My right eye constantly jumped, day and night.  During the service I was healed.  My right eye stopped jumping.  God is amazing.

February 7, 2016:  I received some mail that I had some annuities from 10 years ago.  The company was trying to locate me. Interest was growing and they wanted to know is I wanted to cash them in.  Normally it would have been 4% but because I had not cashed them in it was 12% from 10 years ago.  I told them let those annuities continue to gain interest.  
God knows how to give you finances for a rainy day.  God is almighty. 

January 31, 2016:  A message was preached by a 14 year old, given in proper format with research and revelation from God.  It was preached in power.  This child was suppose to be educationally challenged.  God perfected all defects and showed Himself mightily.  All Glory to God!!!

January 31, 2016:  The blizzard of 2016 caused me not to be able to go to work.  No work, no pay for me.  My employer paid me for the entire time I could not get to work.  God is a miracle worker.  Praise Him.

January 31, 2016:  The car dealership refuse to grant me a contract to purchase a new car months ago. I gave the problem over to God and aligned myself with His Word. Well I was called and asked to come in and purchase a car at the same dealership unexpectedly. I went and the very car I wanted I drove home with that day.  Need to let you know, one of the Apostles in the church, Apostle Cohen, told me to anoint the car and claim it.  I did as told. God gave me a new car with all the trimmings with a reduced monthly payment.  Praise God.

2015 Testimonies

November 8, 2015:  I went to my mothers’ house to check on her; it was pouring rain and I was completely wet from head to toe. I put the key in the door to go in and I kept getting shocks up my arm, not knowing wires were exposed that was touching the metal door. I did not understand why I continued to be shocked until I saw the wires exposed from the doorbell.  Thank God I am still alive, because my hands were wet and  I was soaked from head to toe from the rain. ISN’T GOD GOOD!!!


November 8, 2015: I was summoned to court in 2013 concerning two liens and the case was dismissed because my income is from the government.  Creditors are not allowed to access government income, as they had done. Therefore, the firm had to return the monies they took, and I told the Bank Manager what happened and they immediately put it in my account.


The last time I checked my credit report was, July 2014. Remember the two liens were on my credit report; I went for service a few months later at the dealership but thought for a moment and remembered the ‘Lord said, you shall have whatsoever you say.’ I told the salesman I wanted a new car, no cash money down, no interest, and what I wanted to pay. I walked out with a 2015 car with zero (0) interest  zero (0) money down, and what I wanted my payment to be.


I didn’t know the liens were removed, until I received a letter three (3) weeks ago stating: I needed to send my social security number for them to validly finished a 100% right off of the bill of $13,000.00. Liens don’t mean God is not still in control!!!


November 8, 2015:  On November 1, 2015 at the end of the service, the pastor asked God to allow a purchase of one color pulpit accessory that would have normally cost between $300 to $500 dollars. God was asked to allow the purchase to be under $100 dollars. We prayed the prayer of agreement. We purchased, not one but ELEVEN PULPIT accessories, in different colors and designs for $149.77. It averaged costing per piece $13.62.  Prayer changes things!!!

Joshua Generation Church


November 8, 2015:  My glasses were extremely expensive that were lost  for well over a year. I found them last week.  Praise God!!!


November 8, 2015:  Whatever I need to work on in my walk with God,God always gives me an award for it at school. God is letting me know to do this not only in school but live it everywhere.  Last year I received theHonesty Award, this year I received the Respect Award. Out of five candidates, I was nominated by all of the 8 grade teachers, and won. Thank you God!!!


November 8, 2015:  I have been on sick leave for five months with no income.  God has continued to provide during this time. On the morning of November 6, 2015, God spoke to me and said, “you have a policy”. I had to think because I had forgotten about the policy I took out years ago, an Accident Insurance Policy. I found the policy that pays $10,000 for six months ($60,000) as an In-Home Care benefit and if the injury becomes Permanent or a Total Disability $20,000 a month (yearly $240,000) and could continue for 5 ½ years. 



October 25, 2015 I had a terrible headache, upset stomach, and was very dizzy.  During the service, with no one touching me, I was healed completely!!!


October 25, 2015  I was there in the service and nobody laid hands but the pastor stood and prayed for everyone at one time that was sick. Different ones testified that their hip, backs, legs stopped hurting. My shoulders were out of alignment and became aligned, without hands laid on, I was able to stand!!!  WOW


October 18, 2015 I had to tell the church God miraculously did not let my check balance change although I paid
 all my bills this month.  My balance stayed the same.  Hallelujah!!!


On October 4, 2015 during the morning service, I had a lot of pain in my right ear and could not hear anything in that ear.  Apostle Hunt noticed me holding the right side of my face and asked what was wrong.  I told her I could not hear out of my right ear and it hurt.  She prayed for me.  I can hear better in that ear more than I ever have and the pain is gone. God is truly amazing!!!


On September 27, 2015, I testified that last year this time I purchased propane gas for cooking.  I cook heavily three times a day.  The meter gauge never moved pass a half a tank and I never refueled that propane gas tank. I am still cooking a year later and the gauge hasn’t moved. I brought in my receipt to show the use of my propane gas for the church to see.  
God is still working miracles.


During September, 2015 I had some sudden expenses I had to pay that should have caused my bank account to show a low balance.  Let me tell you,  “God supernaturally placed money in my bank account”. Glory!

2014 Testimonies

November, 2014:  During one Sunday Service, a visitor came who had no gas money to get back home. I gave him a $20 dollar bill and while my wallet was still open money appeared before us in the air flowing to the floor. I picked up the money and it was over $200.  Money was supernaturally created. Glory be to God.

I was told by my surgeon, after x-rays, that I needed surgery on three large hernias in my abdomen. I received prayer the Sunday prior to my surgery. After the operation, the surgeon informed me that he found only one small hernia around my navel that he had to repaired. “God healed my body.”  Isn’t God amazing!!!!

November, 2014, I had a tumor from a brain injury, my neurologist placed me on medications to reduce brain swelling, and help the terrible headaches, but I never received the medication due to pharmacy conflicts. 

I began to show signs of a stroke on August 9, 2015, two weeks the before my next doctors appointment. During Sunday service my mouth twisted, hands and arms looked deformed, my eyes rolled back in my head and my speech slurred. Apostle Hunt prayed and rebuked Death off of me. My mouth, speech, arms and hands returned to normal. 

On August 26, 2015 when I saw the neurologist, he stated that the tumor was a speck on the MRI. Not only that, he stated that I don’t need the medication and I can return in a year. Giving God all the glory.”

In the first grade the eye doctor said, my eyes didn’t work as a team but still prescribed glasses. In 2010, I wore glasses when my mom and I first came to Joshua Generation Church. In 2011, when I went for my school checkup, the nurse wanted to check my vision. My mom told the nurse that I wore glasses. The nurse said Let’s check your eyes now. My mom did not have my glasses with her. I looked at the chart and spoke out all the letters. The nurse said “you have 20/20 vision.”   Sitting in the anointing at Joshua has healed my eyes.